Development on Setuptools

Setuptools is maintained by the Python community under the Python Packaging Authority (PyPA) and led by Jason R. Coombs.

This document describes the process by which Setuptools is developed. This document assumes the reader has some passing familiarity with using setuptools, the pkg_resources module, and pip. It does not attempt to explain basic concepts like inter-project dependencies, nor does it contain detailed lexical syntax for most file formats. Neither does it explain concepts like “namespace packages” or “resources” in any detail, as all of these subjects are covered at length in the setuptools developer’s guide and the pkg_resources reference manual.

Instead, this is internal documentation for how those concepts and features are implemented in concrete terms. It is intended for people who are working on the setuptools code base, who want to be able to troubleshoot setuptools problems, want to write code that reads the file formats involved, or want to otherwise tinker with setuptools-generated files and directories.

Note, however, that these are all internal implementation details and are therefore subject to change; stick to the published API if you don’t want to be responsible for keeping your code from breaking when setuptools changes. You have been warned.